Shell Channel Pilot hot of presses

The latest edition of The Shell Channel Pilot has come off the presses

This essential guide for anyone cruising the English Channel under power or sail has been running since the 1930s when it was begun by the legendary K Adlard Coles. It passed from Adlard to the late Captain John Coote RN, another larger-than-life character. Coote handed the helm over to Tom Cunliffe in the last year of his life. After a series of memorable meetings in the Garrick Club, they were able to move it from Faber and Faber, who had managed it well for many years, to its natural home with Imrays.

Tom says: ‘As a long-term family cruiser, I’ve entered more harbours as a stranger than I like to remember. This experience has taught me what a sailor really needs to know and how the material can be best presented. The pilot is now updated every three years and covers both sides of the Channel. It features modern, up-to-date plans, tidal data, pilotage notes, history, useful information for families, and even where you can buy the best pint. ‘

Published by Imray Laurie Norie and Wilson at £29.95

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