Maxi trimaran in bid to beat Joyon's record

French solo sailor Thomas Coville is set to leave New York this morning at the start of his latest attempt on the Transatlantic crossing.

On stand-by in New York since 19th May, the 105-ft maxi trimaran Sodeb’O will should pass the start line off the Ambrose light by 1200 UTC today.

The objective for the skipper of Sodeb’O is what he refers to as “a heavy week’s work” since he’ll have to reach Lizard Point in Cornwall in less than 6 days, 4 hours, 1 minute and 37 seconds. This record was previously set by Francis Joyon aboard the trimaran IDEC I in July 2005.

View the video of Thomas recorded a few hours before leaving Brooklyn Harbour and keep up with his voyage on