First hull under construction for 'Against the Floe' project

Construction has started on the first hull of Plymouth yachtsman Bob Beggs’ polar-bound catamaran. The 8.5m Dazcat, being built in Plymouth, has been specifically designed for its journey.

Beggs hopes to be the first to traverse the North West passage from east to west under sail and subsequently to circumnavigate the American continent.

While several small craft have completed the dangerous passage through ice floes and fierce storms, they have all relied on engine power. Bob regards the light but immensely strong and well-tried catamaran design as ideal for the 20,000-mile voyage.

Bob, together with his two-man crew, will have a weather and ice window of less than 12 weeks to sail from Plymouth to Greenland and onwards to transit the North West Passage into the Beaufort Sea.

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