Download The Confessional from June's Yachting Monthly for free

They say ‘Worse things happen at sea’ but today we apologise to readers of the new June issue of Yachting Monthly (on sale this week) who discover that one their favourite reads – The Confessional – is missing!

Download The Confessional from June’s Yachting Monthly here

For the first time in living memory, our printers have somehow conspired to ‘lose’ one of the magazine’s most popular and long-running articles, in which readers own up to their sailing sins.

You can read the missing confessions, with Mike Peyton’s inimitable cartoons, by downloading the PDF here. We hope readers Christopher Anstock and Tony Parker will accept absolution online for their ‘sins’ on this unique occasion.

We plan to re-publish the missing Confessions as an extra in next month’s July issue, when normal service will be resumed with two more readers’ misadventures.

As one observer said today: ‘What would Chartres Cathedral look like without a confession box? …well, a bit like Yachting Monthly without the back page!’

Our penitent printers, meanwhile, have confessed their sins and are receiving counselling to aid their salvation.