Final Concept Boat competition results announced

This year saw the results of the final Concept Boat competition announced at the Excel Boat Show. This year 10 entries from 9 countries were shortlisted. The eventual overall winner of the competition was Stefanie Kruicke from Germany with her Kite Sailing Yacht, ‘Kitano’ (pictured). Judges described her entry as ‘An elegant, eye catching, powerful, purposeful and thoroughly modern design, capturing the growing trend to harness nature’s energy in novel ways.’

The winners were presented with cheques amounting to £7, 000. Due to an exceptionally high standard of entries this year, two designs shared the winning prize fund of the Design & Concept category.

John Zimmerlee from America was honoured with his design ‘Versa’. Judges commented that the design was a clear improvement of previous designs and ‘is now a proven prototype with good prospect to be commercially viable.’ Sharing the honours was Britain’s Antony Harman with the Kayak Cycle. Judges stated that the eye-catching design was a ‘well thought through design’ with a ‘pleasing shape and good use of resources’.The winners were presented with cheques amounting to £7,000 from Sue Baggaley of CSL Publishing as well as Nik Parker, BMF Technical Director.

This was the final Concept Boat competition – the British Marine Federation is looking at new ways to encourage innovation within the industry and to market the industry and bring boating to the mainstream press and is looking forward to announcing these new channels soon.

Image Credit: OnEdition