Volunteers assist NHS in freezing temperatures

Coastguard teams have been forced to help the NHS throughout the Eastern counties as temperatures have plunged below zero.

Volunteers have been transferring essential drugs, nursing staff and patients to and from local hospitals.

‘Meals on wheels’ have also been delivered to vulnerable people in inaccessible areas.

Northumberland’s Holy Island Coastguard have been out helping the islanders, as snow and ice have left the causeway road surface in an extremely dangerous state.

Rod Johnson, the chief coastguard, said: ‘In extreme winter weather our partner emergency services, and local authorities, may need to call on our help to resolve critical or life threatening incidents.

‘To make sure that we respond to these calls and maintain our own state of readiness for maritime emergencies, these requests are routed through the local resilience forum.

‘The system of call outs have been working well this week and ensuring that Her Majesty’s Coastguard give help where it’s needed; when it’s needed.’

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