With only 1,000 miles to the finish in Salvador, just 23 miles separates the first five boats

Another day, another leader. This morning London’s back in the lead. This time yesterday it was Plymouth and at 1500 yesterday it was Liverpool. Six out of the eight yachts have now had a turn leading this race. With the first 5 boats all within 23 miles there will be many more changes before the finish.

London have had a worrying 36 hours when they saw their substantial lead disappear into thin air as the boats in the south forced past them. Now once again it is their turn and with a long awaited run of 228 miles Stuart Gibson has taken his team back into the top slot as he finally enjoys the glory of Trade Wind sailing.

Glasgow with her northerly position has also done well with a run of 210 miles and will be looking at gaining some scalps. Whatever they said to the Great The Wind God last week did not go down well and he has penalised them heavily after their brave move north.

Jersey is the other boat with a good run and their 216 miles has meant that they have opened an 8 mile lead up on Bristol and therefore, on water, at this particular moment, they are the leaders of the whole race. The two boats are converging as Bristol comes north. Now only 44 miles separates them on a north/south basis with Bristol being slightly more to the west, but further from the finishing line which. Salvador’s latitude is 13’S and so is still to the north of both of them.

Both Portsmouth and Leeds dropped back a bit and it appears that they southerly position is not paying off now that the Trades have sorted themselves out to the North.

With all the excitement on the water it is difficult to drag oneself back into the overall race picture but now they have less than a 1000 miles to go, and have picked up speed, their minds will be on reaching the finish line first.