Aim to provide harbour-wide facilities for yachtsmen

Yachtsmen in Chichester Harbour can now be as green on the water as they are on the land. A new scheme has been introduced in Chichester Harbour to help them sort and recycle their newspapers and wine bottles whilst afloat.

The project aims to supply marine businesses and organisations throughout Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with the equipment, facilities and information to be able to recycle their waste. For marinas and sailing clubs this means customers and members will now be able to recycle their vessel landed waste from trips out on the water.

In future, it is hoped to roll the scheme out to all marine businesses and sailing clubs within Chichester Harbour AONB.

As part of the scheme, boat owners are provided with durable, re-usable, bags to collect their waste on-board and bring it ashore to the new recycling facilities. Harbour-users will be able to recycle glass, paper and cardboard, plastics and cans.

Information and signage has been provided to tell people what can be recycled and where.
For more information, visit the Chichester Harbour Conservancy