Yachtsmen can stay with Pitcairners

Charter trips to Pitcairn Island have been set up by one of the descendents of Fletcher Christian.

Jacqui Christian, whose company Pitcairn Travel is based on the island inhabited in 1790 by her mutinous forebear, has joined forces with adventure sailing company Ocean Voyages of California to offer charter trips to the remote spot.

The Southern Pacific island of Pitcairn is reachable only by sea and is the only one of the four volcanic cones which comprise the archipelago of Pitcairn that is permanently inhabited.

Jacqui said: ‘After my own world travels, returning home to Pitcairn makes me realise what a unique and wonderful place I live in.

‘Pitcairn is like nowhere else. The partnership with Ocean Voyages adds great nautical expertise and the availability of a network of ships and yachts for visiting Pitcairn.

‘The Pitcairners enjoy sharing their island with small groups of adventurers and we are thrilled to provide high quality and reliable access to this exotic and remote location.’

Visitors to Pitcairn will make landfall in Bounty Bay, where Christian and his band of mutineers burned the Bounty after making a settlement there. Part of the wreck, discovered in 1957, is still visible.

Visitors will be able to stay at the Pitcairners’ homes.

Follow the link to see some of the yachts available for charter through Ocean Voyages.

For information on trips in 2014 and information on chartering your own yacht to visit Pitcairn, contact:

Ocean Voyages, Inc.
Tel: +1 (415) 332-4681

Photo credit: Ocean Voyages