Class Association creates an on-line database of all boats

Following on from the 70th anniversary of the National 12 in 2006, the National Twelve Owners Association (NTOA) has now created an on-line database of all boats built, and is asking current and past owners of National 12s to contribute information.

NTOA Chairman Antony Gifford explains: “The database will serve a number of purposes, enabling the NTOA to track and retain the history of individual boats while also creating a resource accessible to anybody interested in finding out more about a boat they own or are interested in buying.”

Additionally, to help guide the class through another 70 years the Class Association is conducting a national census of National 12 sailors past, present and future. This survey has been open since December, and has now been extended until 11 March. It is the hope of the NTOA this survey will be completed by as many people as possible, whether or not they have any current or historical link to the class.

The survey will only demand a short amount of time to complete and one lucky winner will win a fantastic Gill Coast Sport Jacket worth £100; the winner will be drawn at random from the complete scripts. The survey can be completed on the National 12 website