The Department for Transport wants to gather more evidence about emissions from all vessels operating domestically in UK waters, including yachts

Boat owners, port and marina operators and boat yards and storage companies are being asked to respond to the Department for Transport’s Call for Evidence looking at air pollutant emissions from all domestic vessels, including yachts.

It is part of the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy which sets out the need to reduce emissions from all sources to improve air quality, including emissions from boats used around the coast and inland waterways.

All the information gathered will be used to help the Government understand more clearly the extent of emissions from vessels that do not currently fall within the scope of environmental regulations, and establish if it can do more to address emission issues.

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It will also give a picture on the number and type of recreational boats operating in UK waters.

Those wishing to take part will be asked a variety of details such as the age, engine size and fuel used by their vessel.

Further details about the Call for Evidence can be found at:

Organisations, such as the RYA, will also be asked for their input.

A summary of responses will be published within three months of the close of the Call for Evidence, which will end on 11 January 2020.