A notice to mariners posted by the River Hamble Harbour Authority about the regatta on 24th August

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Saturday 24th August Bursledon Regatta will take place in and around Bursledon.

It should be noted that dinghy racing will take place during the morning of Saturday 24th August; these races will start at Bursledon and transit the length of the River. In the afternoon the regatta will be centred at Bursledon Pool with a heavy concentration of all types of small craft participating. All mariners should maintain an efficient lookout and navigate with caution.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Saturday 24th August at 2030hrs or soon thereafter a fireworks display will take place from the bank at Lands End and also from a moving barge and pontoon at the Elephant Boatyard. Prior to the fireworks display a moving on the water torchlight procession of small tenders and dinghies will proceed from Lands End to Bursledon Pool.

From 2030hrs until approximately 2100hrs the River will be closed to all traffic from Lands End to Bursledon Pool. Harbour Authority patrol vessels will be directing small craft as appropriate and will maintain a safety zone around the fireworks displays.

It is an offence under the Merchant Shipping Act 1949, Section 21, to discharge distress flares, rockets and pyrotechnics, except for the purpose for which they are intended. Any person found to disregard this Notice, before, during or after the fireworks display, will be prosecuted. Careful watch and monitoring will be maintained by Hamble Radio (VHF Channel 68), with Police and other vessels assisting.

All mariners are advised that the area of Bursledon is likely to be severely congested during this period. ALL VESSELS should navigate with extreme caution and at a speed consistent with safe navigation.

WARNING: Many small recreational vessels may be poorly lit.

Captain R B Exley Harbour Master River Hamble Harbour Authority Shore Road, Warsash SO31 9F 20th August 2002