Hampshire-based Carrington Boats will construct the new HUGO BOSS IMOCA 60 for Alex Thomson's 2020-21 Vendée Globe bid

Alex Thomson’s new IMOCA 60 HUGO BOSS is to be built by Carrington Boats on the UK’s south coast.

The multi-million pounds racing yacht is expected to be launched by June 2019, giving Thomson plenty of time to prepare ahead of the 2020-21 Vendée Globe.

Having achieved third and second place finishes in the previous two editions of the race, Thomson and his team are now focused on developing a boat that they believe will lead them to victory.

No British team has ever won the Vendée Globe.

The new build will take place at Carrington Boats Ltd’s new facility in Hythe, Hampshire and will be led by professional yachtsman and boat builder, Jason Carrington.

‘Finishing the last Vendée Globe in second place, with only one foil for the majority of the race, demonstrated just what our existing boat is capable of,’ explained Thomson.

Alex Thomson in a HUGO BOSS jumper meets with yacht builder James Carrington

Jason Carrington and Alex Thomson has previously worked together in 2007

‘Now, it’s about bettering that performance but also producing a package that is reliable enough to finish the race, and that is as much to do with how the boat is built, as how it is designed. Jason and Carrington Boats have assembled a hugely talented team of boat builders, whom I know will search relentlessly for the lightest, strongest and most reliable boat possible,’ he added.

Carrington is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and delivering boats which are reliable and fast.

Alex Thomson Racing’s relationship with Carrington began in 2007 when the team commissioned its first major project with the builder.

The boat, crewed by Thomson and Andrew Cape, went on to break the world 24 hour speed record and secure a second place finish in the 2007-2008 Barcelona World Race.

Technical director at Alex Thomson Racing, Ross Daniel, said building the new HUGO BOSS in England was crucial.

‘Jason is really the last of the Grand Prix builders left in the UK and, as a team, we have a great relationship with him. Keeping the build here in England also made complete sense, as it will allow us to work in close collaboration from start to finish. We’re also of course proud to be able to support Carrington Boats as a British boat builder,’ he stated.

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‘There are many things to consider with the design and build of an IMOCA race boat. Weight is a huge factor but so too is reliability.’

‘Speed is of course of paramount importance but, on the other hand, the boat cannot be beyond the capabilities of the skipper, therefore usability is also crucial. So this process is about balance, and ensuring that all of those various factors are constantly being considered and evaluated,’ continued Daniel.

‘If we do that successfully, I firmly believe that we will deliver the very best boat in the fleet,’ added the technical director.

Over the next year Carrington Boats will work closely with Alex Thomson Racing’s design and technical team, together with naval architectural firm VPLP.