Engine failure still top of call out list

Mechanical failure is the main reason both sail and power boats get into trouble afloat, a new survey has revealed.ShoreGuard, a specialist marine warranty, breakdown and recovery company, has released figures revealing the ‘Top Five’ reasons they were contacted for assistance and warranty issues by both sail and power boat owners, during the 2007 boating season.

1. Mechanical Failure 41%
2. Fuel Problems 19%
3. Engine Management System 14%
4. Flat Batteries 10%
5. Overheating 9%

Top of the list was general mechanical failure, which accounted for a
massive 41% of the calls and included a host of faults such as a blown
turbo, seized engine through loss of engine oil, blown gaskets, jammed
starter motor and alternator failure.

Fuel problems came in second at 19%, which included blocked filters, split fuel lines, contaminated fuel (usually with water) and running out of fuel. Next was Engine Management System Failure at 14%, which, although is a relatively modern phenomenon, has become more of a problem as engines get bigger and more sophisticated.

Flat batteries accounted for 10% of the incidents which highlights the
importance of making sure batteries are charged before launching a boat as
most of the calls were received early in the season. Overheating came in at
number five and this was mainly down to loss of cooling water and blocked
water intakes.

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