The Yachting Monthly Rally Portugal fleet is on its way

The Yachting Monthly Rally Portugal fleet is on its way.

After the start of Rally Portugal 2005 on Sunday 29th May from Plymouth at 0900, the fleet motored out of Plymouth Sound with just a whisper of breeze. Not exactly an exciting start to their Biscay crossing, however for some a welcome respite from the pressure of preparations and a little calm time to finish off a few last minute jobs, the ones that never seem to get done.

A ridge of high pressure extending from the Azores high to Biscay is expected to stay in place for the next few days. This will give the fleet light to moderate SW winds in North Biscay, and predominately E or NE winds in South Biscay.

More good news is that the Portuguese trades are now established which will hopefully mean some excellent downwind sailing along the coast of Portugal during the Rally. It does however also mean that strong wind is going to be a feature near Cape Finisterre.

This Cape is a renowned “hot” spot for strong winds, typically blowing several forces more than that forecast.

The long range forecast indicates that a deep depression near 50N 40W, slowly moving East, will strengthen the wind in N Biscay. However the ridge of high pressure should block the low from moving South until later in the week. A cold front is expected to cross Biscay late on Thursday or Friday bringing a change to the weather.

For more details visit the Rally Portugal site