Velux 5 Oceans latest

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston finds himself in another near gale. Now please read on:

‘Bit of a blow at the moment. A front has gone though and the wind risen to
Force 7 from the SW. So we’re trying to outrun the waves. I looked astern
just now and there was a breaking wave towering above the dome. SAGA
INSURANCE outran it but you can see why the helmsmen on square-riggers were
ordered not to look behind them when at the wheel, it is a frightening
sight. So much raw power. The motion is pretty rocky and subject to bangs
from a cross sea.”

“One feature these Open 60’s lack is a WC, there is a bucket. I had just
finished using it for a pee when a wave hit and half the contents went on
deck inside the cabin. This started a frenzy of cleaning, not just for
tidiness but hygiene, as this is where I prepare my food. I’m really cross
about that as it is the first time its happened. Slept in oilies last night
and probably tonight as well as if anything goes wrong there will be less
damage if it is dealt with quickly. They are damp and a bit clammy at the
moment but you don’t get rheumatism from salt water I’m told. Anyway, a
check on the whisky quality provides some internal warmth.”

“I notice according to the position reports that I lost 50 miles on everyone
over the past 5 hours. It is the way that it is measured and not a true
indication, they are not going 10 knots faster. I am very slowly reeling in
on Longitude on Pakea and increasing it on AGD, but we’re all doing very
much the same speeds, which is good as they are both new boats whereas this
one is ten years old now. It took only a couple of days for Pakea to get so
far ahead using his weather information, distance is so easily lost and so
hard to regain.’