Bounty Boat expedition arrives in West Timor

The crew re-creating Captain William Bligh’s ‘Mutiny on the Bounty‘ have completed their expedition after arriving in Kupang, West Timor.

Australian skipper Don McIntyre, together with compatriot Dave Pryce and Britons Chris Wilde and David Wilkinson have sailed a 25ft gunter-rigged launch for the last seven weeks since leaving Tonga.

Determined to get a feel for what Bligh really went through, the expedition aboard the Bounty Boat – a seven-foot wide, open wooden vessel – saw the crew face the same deprivations as those encountered by the original crew, including no charts, only two weeks of water and little food or everyday luxuries, such as a torch and even toilet paper.

It is the first time anyone has ever successfully re-created the mutinous voyage, under the same conditions and with the same navigational equipment as Captain Bligh, who embarked on the 4,000 mile open boat journey through the Pacific Ocean 221 years ago.

Much like the original voyage the crew has encountered its fair share of challenges – they survived a knockdown and McIntyre passed three kidney stones en route.