RYA consider local cruise

Beautiful sunshine met the RYA Sail Cruise in Yarmouth at 06:00 this morning. Unfortunately the clarity of the sky concealed the strength of wind, both in the morning and through the night. Strong Westerlies passed over during the night, which no doubt would have left some rough seas (or “very rough” if the forecast was correct) between the fleet and France. So with the forecast giving F6-7 occasionally 8, the decision to cancel the channel crossing was made. While one crew weren’t happy about the decision, many crews were reluctant to attempt the crossing and were understanding and pleased with the outcome.

It’s not easy to please a fleet of sailors all with different levels of experience and variety of yachts, while some could have made it easily, there would have been some for whom the channel crossing might have put them off sailing for life!

At the 06:00 briefing 3 yachts thought the crossing would have been too much for themselves or their crews, 10 minutes later, just under half the fleet wouldn’t like to have attempted a crossing. So Carol Paddison from the RYA and Les Parsons from Hamble School of Yachting went round to all of the crews and discussed the options, after which only 4 yachts would be prepared to cross. Because the Cruise Yachtmaster is responsible for the fleet as a whole, the decision has been made to keep the group together and try to re arrange the cruise locally. While the ideal of the cruise is cross the channel, with the wind we are experiencing and reports from Cherbourg and various weather sources, it would neither be safe or comfortable to take the fleet across to France.