Legendary bucaneer's boat discovered

Almost three three centuries ago, the notorious pirate Blackbeard ran his ship,the Queen Anne’s Revengeaground off what is now a North Carolina beach town.

Now, a local group of divers believe they have found the bucaneer’s ship, and are heading out to sea each day to dive the 20 to 25ft to the ocean bottom to excavate it. So far, they have found cannons, a bell, lead shot of all sizes, gold dust, pewter cups and medical devices.

The name Blackbeard is certainly legendary, but little is known about the man behind the legend. His real name, which may have been Edward Teach, is the subject of speculation, as are his birthplace – probably Bristol – and birth date. He is said to have been married 14 times.

Blackbeard at first fought with the British as a privateer – a kind of legal pirate – attacking Spanish and French ships in the War of the Spanish Succession in the early 18th century. With the war’s end, Blackbeard and thousands of other unemployed sailors turned to piracy. His troop captured a French slaver called La Concorde in 1717 and renamed her theQueen Anne’s Revenge. They went on to capture 40 ships. After running theQueen Anne’s Revengeaground, Blackbeard was killed fighting in 1718.

Picture: Hutton Archive/Getty Images