YM reader is eye-witness to Med storm

Yachting Monthly reader Peter Fenning sent us this report of a Med storm:

On Tuesday 20th June 2006, a significant un-forecast storm hit the northern Sporades in Greece. Winds of about F10 were experienced in Loutraki harbour (Skopelos Island).

The seaward end of the well grounded yacht pontoon moved several metres during the storm, (together with 8 yachts and various local craft), but no major boat damage was caused (except to the nerves of those on-board at the time !)

On the neighbouring island of Skiathos, several of the unoccupied boats at anchor in the large Skiathos town harbour dragged their anchors and one could not be saved before it hit the harbour entrance rocks.

Throughout the following day, there was a battle to save the stranded yacht ?.. stemming the flow of water through holes in the hull and attempting to tow the vessel off the rocks using three other yachts. Eventually a powerful local launch was successfully deployed and a brief tow resulted in the damaged yacht reaching the safety of the nearby boat yard quay.

Further remedial work included temporary hull patches and pumping dry, prior to more permanent repairs in a mainland boatyard. All this was conducted against the busy backdrop of Skiathios harbour ?. right under the airport flight path and with some large local ferry traffic !

At the time of going to press there were apparently no storm related casualties or serious injuries on the many bareboat and flotilla yachts that frequent these beautiful islands with their abundant marine life.