Knox-Johnston to complete latest circumnavigation any moment

At 05:32 UTC this morning, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was just 35 miles north-west of the finish line off Gexto, Bilbao. SAGA Insurance is making 10 knots and should cross the finish line in the next 3-4 hours. The most recent ETA is 10:30 Spanish time (09:30 BST, 08:30 UTC).

After 15 days at sea since he left Norfolk (Virginia, USA), Sir Robin looks set to take third place in the last leg of the Ultimate Solo Challenge. The final transatlantic leg of the race will leave him either 3rd or 4th place overall, depending on when rival Unai Basurko crosses the finish line.

Overnight, Unai Basurko sailed round the north-west tip of Spain and into the Bay of Biscay. At noon yesterday, his Open 60, Pakea, trailed SAGA Insurance by 171 miles and by the evening he had reduced this lead to 122 miles. Basurko passed the Estaca de Bares headland late last night and headed offshore. This morning, Pakea is 40 miles off Spain’s northern coast, due north of Cape Busto with 140 miles remaining to the finish line.