New blow for under-fire anchor manufacturer

One of the world’s biggest distributors of Rocna anchors has offered full refunds to anyone who has bought an anchor from them.

The under-fire manufacturer exclusively told YM (see the current August 2011 issue) that it was ‘deeply sorry’ for unknowingly producing low-grade steel anchors.

New Zealand-based Rocna had been manufacturing anchors in China from ‘shank steel with a reduced specification’.

Chief executive Steve Bambury (pictured) said: ‘This was not done with Rocna’s knowledge and we stress that only a limited number of anchors were affected.’

But nonetheless West Marine, the USA’s biggest chandlery, has issued a ‘product specification notice’ to its customers, which can be read by clicking here.

In the notice West Marine states that it was informed by Rocna at the beginning of 2010 that anchors were being manufactured using a weaker grade of steel.

West Marine admits that it is a ‘bummer’ that Rocna has produced reduced-quality anchors. A special advice page has been created on Rocna’s website for West Marine customers.

Grant King, a former Rocna production manager, claims that as many as 4,000 Rocna anchors do not meet the specifications promoted on its website, but Mr Bambury insists the number is much lower.

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