Clipper Race skipper David Pryce bows out

Clipper skipper David Pryce,leading master in the 2005-2006 Clipper Round the World yacht race has resigned, citing concerns that the event will not get back on track to finish in Liverpool on time.

The long delays started when the Glasgow Clipper began taking thousands
of litres of water en route to China. It was followed by the same
keel/hull attachment problems with other boats in the fleet and this has
forced race organizers, Clipper Ventures, to re-schedule the
programme. Major changes to the race itinerary include dropping the
stopover in Yokohama, Japan and changing the Caribbean destination from
Curacao to Jamaica as well as putting back the finishing ceremony in
Liverpool by a month.

In spite of all assurances from Clipper Ventures PLC, the experienced
Pryce has now pulled out and returned to Sydney Australia. His vessel – – was not one of the six boats that reported loose keel bolt problems. However, she was still diverted to Subic Bay
with the rest of the yachts for a full investigation.

Work is progressing in Subic Bay with repairs still ongoing following
the discovery of a problem with the connection between the outer skin of
the hull and the keel. The team working on the ten yachts, is being
overseen by experts flown in from UK, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.
Clipper Ventures PLC claim that all ten yachts will be trialled and
undergo a full independent safety survey before they set sail for
Qingdao in China on 25th March.