Solo sailors back on land

The Vendee Globe sailors on land….

(Photo: Yan Elies rescued from yacht with broken leg by Australian Navy)

Loïck in Australia
Three weeks after Gitana Eighty’s dismasting in the Indian Ocean, Loïck Peyron arrived in Perth at 0845 this morning (local time) after sailing over 2,800 miles under jury rig. After customs formalities, Loïck Peyron was able to join up with Dominique Wavre and Mike Golding. It was an opportunity for the three sailors to share their thoughts and discuss the terms of the repatriation of their respective boats. In mid-January, Gitana Eighty, Temenos and Ecover are due to be loaded onto the same cargo ship bound for Europe. Once reassured, Loïck hopped onto a plane to return to France just four hours after reaching Australia.

Yann back in Brittany
Yann Eliès flew into Paris early this morning with his family on a flight from Perth. He then took an internal flight to Lannion in NW France accompanied by a doctor and nurse. He will thus be back in Brittany with his friends and family to see in the New Year, although it will be in a clinic, rather than in his home. On his arrival in Paris, Yann expressed his thanks to the medical team in Perth, who confirmed the fractured femur and spotted a fractured pelvis and backbone. Following an operation he has been able to move around in a wheelchair and regained a semblance of independence. He now faces 6 weeks of complete rest in the clinic and this will be followed by six months of therapy.

Bernard Stamm on Reunion Island
Bernard Stamm arrived on Reunion Island aboard the Marion Dufresne supply vessel. They were able to unload his damaged yacht Cheminées Poujoulat and place her in a secure zone, where a thorough inspection will be carried out.

“We are in the NNW of the island, in a port situated between Saint Denis and Saint Paul and referred to as the Old Harbour in Reunion. We are housed with a local family. Yesterday, after getting off the Marion Dufresne, we thanked the crew and then went for dinner and off to bed. I removed the keel during my stay aboard the Marion and today we’re going to clear away everything we can on Cheminées Poujoulat so that Jacques Le Berre (an expert in composites) can get to work to assess the damage. What happens after that will depend on the results of this analysis. Things are a little better on a personal level, even though it’s high time I saw my family again. In the meantime I wish you all festive tidings and above all a very happy new year.”