'Junk' raft sails across Pacific to highlight plastic problem

Two Americans are sailing a raft made of plastic bottles from California to Hawaii to raise awareness of the huge volumes of plastic polluting the world’s oceans. The raft, named Junk, is made from 15,000 plastic bottles, and the accommodation is in the fuselage of an old Cessna private aeroplane.

They are now six days into their voyage. They report: “The winds are beginning to subside, and should clear enough mid week for Junk to forge ahead. Granted, the sea has a mind of its own – with all due respect. The recent stormy seas have been twisting the caps off our Nalgene bottles only, while the other plastic bottles hold perfectly tight.

The plan: sealing the Nalgene caps with a rock solid cement glue. Tedious, tiring work”

This Video, from KNBC news, outlines their voyage and the reasons behind it:

You can keep up with their voyage on the Junk Raft blog.