Plans have been revealed for an attempt to complete the longest non-stop sailing voyage – an unprecedented 1000 days at sea…

Experienced sailor and adventurer, Reid Stowe, has revealed plans for his next great challenge – the longest non-stop sailing voyage ever attempted. Departing from New York Harbour Pier 63 on November 24, Stowe’s voyage, dubbed “1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea,” will take him out of sight of land and without re-supply for longer than any of his sailing predecessors. Not since John Sanders circumnavigated 657 days non-stop in 1987 has anyone departed the terra firma for so long. Completing the 1000-day voyage will rank Stowe among great sailors like Shackleton and Moitessier.

“Anne”, Stowe’s 60-ton 70-foot gaff-rigged schooner, was conceived, designed and hand-built by himself in 1978 as the ultimate long distance heavy-weather vessel. This ship has been Stowe’s expedition platform for 24 years of exciting voyages in the Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific, and around the world. Stowe’s sailing adventures include Expedition to Antarctica (1987), 100 Days at Sea (1994), Odyssey of the Sea Turtle (1996 – 200 days), and Voyage of the Argonauts (1998).

Reid is refitting his boat for the 1000 Days journey in partnership with 1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea, Ltd., a non-profit corporation. The goal is to sail the longest non-stop voyage in history while extending the limits of mankind and promoting a global message of peace, inspiration, perseverance and sustainability. Using the latest advancements in satellite communications and media production, Stowe and the 1000 Days Expedition team will share this adventure with the world.