Tower Bridge raises for Gipsy Moth IV

The traffic stopped, Tower Bridge raised and Gipsy Moth IV glided beneath. Tourists rushed to take photographs while overhead a press helicopter hovered.

Sir Francis Chichester’s famous boat looked stunning in the bright sunshine as her battle flags blew in the breeze. The banners of Yachting Monthly, the UKSA and sponsors including the Isle of Wight and Corum Watches flew from her forestay as she passed under the bridge.

On board were staff from the UKSA as well as disadvantaged children who will be taking part in her voyage around the world to commemorate Chichester’s circumnavigation 40 years ago and Yachting Monthly’s centenary.

Gipsy Moth IV will berth against HMS Belfast overnight and will slip her lines to return to her new home at the UKSA in the Solent on Friday morning.