Afloat and on tow to Tahiti

At 13.00 hrs (Pacific Time) Gipsy Moth was rescued from the reef where she had lain for 6 days. The first phone call came in from Captain Burt Kleijwet to say that Gipsy Moth IV was afloat once more.

She had slipped gently into the water guided by the shore team whilst being pulled gently by the tug. The rescue team had organised some divers who went down to check her underwater profile and Richard Baggett checked her for leaks. All was well and shortly afterwards the tug set course for Tahiti where a challenging 26 hour journey ( not without its risks ) will culminate in a lift out and a welcome rest … but not for long.

John MacDonald a marine surveyor from Auckland will be inspecting her damage on Tuesday and all being well she will soon be en route by ship to New Zealand where she is anticipated in Auckland on the 21st May … then it’s a race against time to get her ready for James Blake ( son of Sir Peter Blake ) to sail out of Auckland onboard on 23rd June towards an amazing welcome that is being prepared for her in Sydney.