Blue Water yachts rally round in dangerous Gulf of Aden

Gipsy Moth IV came under threat by pirates while sailing through the Gulf of Aden, an notoriously dangerous area off the Yemen, in February. Six Blue Water Rally yachts came to her aid, keeping tight around her as they passed the small ‘pirate’ vessel.

Gipsy Moth skipper John Jeffrey said: “The intruders were a few hundred yards ahead of us on the other side of the ‘box’. I was just making the formation tighter, and there was no question of behaving aggressively; but I’m sure our behaviour looked assertive to say the least.”

The ‘pirates’ immediately broke off their approach and turned to sail behind the Blue Water Rally yachts. Soon after another larger boat appeared to join the first boat and they continued to shadow the formation, lagging a mile or so behind.

The threatening vessels faded from sight as an American warship came over the horizon. The ship sent an armed patrol craft to the leading Blue Water vessel to take a report of the incident.

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