Expert help is on the way

Gipsy Moth IV remains stable and secure aground, lying to starboard a short distance from deep water.

The boat hit a reef off Rangiroa, the largest island in the Tuomotos group, on Saturday. The low lying islands are some 150 miles east of Tahiti.

She has sustained some damage to her starboard side, amidships, but remains structurally sound. The weather remains fair with a low swell and the forecast is good at this time.
The young crew members are still in good spirits and are now in Tahiti with the crew leader, awaiting their flight back to the UK. The skipper and mate are remaining with the vessel awaiting the arrival of an experienced Tahiti based marine salvage company who were due to be with the yacht by mid-day (Tahiti time) on Monday.
Also en-route is an expert in yacht salvage from the SMIT Salvage Company in Rotterdam who specialise in recoveries of this nature and they will be joined by a team from UKSA who are flying from the UK. When the experts reach the scene and assess the situation an accurate recovery schedule can be confirmed.
David Green, CEO UKSA says, “We are fully committed to supplying all necessary resources needed to aid the recovery of the vessel. In true ‘Chichester Spirit’ we will rise to the new challenges that the Global Voyage is presenting. We would like to thank our friends and project partners who are supporting us through this testing time.”