Assist the bid to take Gipsy Moth IV around the world again

Help us to raise Gipsy Moth IV’s mainsail from our current fund of £400,000 to the top of the mast — £1m.

The UKSA has set up a fund for donations to the project. Funds will be used for the restoration, as well as the continued upkeep and maintenance of the yacht, plus the circumnavigation. If sufficient funds allow, a bursary, or scholarship places on the yacht, will be established for young people.

A restoration committee has been set up with YM, the UKSA and the Maritime Trust, reserving the right to either cancel the circumnavigation or substitute an alternative route if funds for the costs of the voyage are not forthcoming.

If you wish to contribute to the Gipsy Moth Fund,
write to UKSA,
West Cowes,
Isle of Wight,
PO31 7PQ.