The Yachting Monthly team round up the latest marine kit for shorthanded sailing, from electric winches to furlers

Shorthanded sailing: the latest new gear

Shorthanded sailing gear: Seldén E40I Electric Winch

Selden E401 Electric Winch for shorthanded sailing

The three-speed E40i can be operated by the helm with two fingers: one to start and one to switch speeds.

This labour-saving electric winch for halyards, furling lines and sheets led to the coach roof, is built around an electric motor that is totally integrated in the black anodised aluminium or stainless-steel drum, leaving just three thin cables protruding, thus negating the large cut-out usually associated with electric winch installation.

Price: £2,991

Shorthanded sailing gear: Lofrans’ Electronic Touch Panel for windlasses

Lofrans' Electronic Touch Panel for windlasses

Designed to be ‘truly reliable’ with foolproof features, Lofrans’ Electronic Touch Panel is a low-profile anchor windlass touch panel with LED back-lit buttons.

Unlike other control switches, which require the user to activate and deactivate the circuit breaker prior to and after anchoring, with the Electronic Touch Panel the circuit breaker can be left on without fear of accidental operation: activation only works by pressing both buttons for one second.

Additional safety features include a three-minute auto deactivation and buzzer notification on deactivation.

In black, with an IP67 waterproof and dust rating for the front panel.

Price: £137

Shorthanded sailing gear: Harken MKIV Ocean Cruising Furler

Harken MKIV Ocean Cruising Furler

With features configured to suit cruising sailors, the MKIV Ocean is engineered for strength, longevity, ease of use and features a single groove round foil.

Made from a hardcoat-anodised aluminium, it is UV-stabilised for durability, has multiple rows of Torlon ball bearings to minimise friction and make pulling the furling line a less physical experience.

Its bearings require no lubrication for easy maintenance.

Available in four sizes, for 22ft to 80ft boats.

Price: £1,993

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Shorthanded sailing gear: Seldén SMF System Synchronised Main Furling

Shorthanded sailing gear: Seldén SMF System Synchronised Main Furling

For easier, more controlled sail handling, the SMF System facilitates communication between the E40i winch and its electric in-mast furling system; allowing the main to be unfurled whilst using the E40i to tension the outhaul without overloading – at the push of a button.

It converts 12 or 24V to 42V, and moves into sleep mode to avoid power-drain.

For yachts up to 50ft, it can be retrofitted to RB and RC furling masts.

Price: The mast motor, the E40i winch and the Power Supply System will sell at €6300/£5,346 excluding VAT

Shorthanded sailing gear: Harken Gizmos Part-block, Part-cleat

Shorthanded sailing gear: Harken Gizmos Part-block, Part-cleat

Gizmos defy classification, not quite a block, not quite a cleat, they exist in-between.

In response to requests from riggers, Harken has built single-sided through-deck bushings that are designed to protect decks and lines from chafing in through-deck applications.

Double-sided through-deck bushings are also available and are designed for installing soft-attach loops to protect lines from wear and also keep them separate.

Padeye kits include a cross pin, waterproof cap and O-ring to convert a double-sided bushing into a through-deck, water-tight padeye.

The cross pin attaches the rope/loop and the cap snaps over the top to keep water out.

The bushing and loop are sold separately.

Price: £31

Shorthanded sailing gear: Rokk Wireless-catch 12/24V Waterproof Phone Charger

Shorthanded sailing gear: Rokk Wireless-catch 12/24V Waterproof Phone Charger

Scanstrut ROKK Wireless-Catch is ‘the world’s first 12/24V waterproof wireless charging phone mat’.

Once installed – with a 65mm drill hole onto any flat surface – place your phone onto the mat to charge it – and quickly grab it on the go.

Features include edging bumpers, Qi-certified technology, foreign object detection, and an intelligent thermal cut-off.

Compatible with most wireless-charging-enabled phones, and works through non-metallic, waterproof cases.

Price: £90<

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