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Head torches are an essential piece of kit on board but they often come with large, inconvenient battery packs. No such problem with the tiny RAW Pro from Exposure.

Weighing just 65g (including the head strap), it might look small but it packs a mighty punch at full power.

It is also comfortable to wear and feels more like a sweatband than a head torch, which is a boon over the course of a night watch.

The band for the torch is slim enough to be worn under a hat and the Velcro makes it easy and quick to adjust.

A great feature is that it always starts on it’s lowest power setting when you switch it on. A short press will switch on the red light, while a longer press switches on the white light.

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Thermal imaging camera - FLIR One

Tried & Tested: Flir One

Thermal-imaging cameras were once the preserve of the military. Now you can get one that clips to your phone

Further presses toggle the light from low to medium to high brightness and back to low again, while the power button illuminates from green to orange to red to indicate the power.

The light also has a glow in the dark ring to help you find it at night when you are not wearing it.

The 700mAh lithium-ion battery is robust enough to last for a weekend away, but, as with all rechargeables, it needs to be kept charged (via the provided USB lead), lest you have to wait for a full three-hour recharge to have light again.

The RAW Pro costs £119.95 and is available from