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With sailing less frequent during at this time of year, it’s time to address the niggling problems you’ve put off for the season. Things like the leaking deck gland you discovered after a boisterous beat to windward earlier in the season. Little problems soon become bigger problems, and I often put them off because of price. The value range of deck glands and cable seals from Index Marine cost surprisingly little – for a company with ‘marine’ in its name.

The black cable glands cost less than a pint, and a half, and are IP68 rated. The seals hold cables secure, allowing them to pass though a surface in-line with it or at right angles to it, preventing damage to the cable while keeping water out.

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The black range are offer the best value, although grey, white, aluminium and stainless steel finishes are available in many styles if your budget increases.

Price from £4.57

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From Yachting Monthly’s New Gear pages December 2017