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You never know when you’ll need to repair something, and for most two-part epoxy adhesives you’ll have to ferret around for some spare card and a stick to mix it. Working on the success of its original DrSails Pocket epoxy-in-a-bag concept, the Spanish company has launched Minipocket. They both work with a double compartment bag with a breakable seal separating the two parts of the epoxy. Unfold the pack, squeeze the contents together until well mixed and apply where needed. The good thing about DrSails epoxy is that it’s flexible once it has cured, making it a great temporary repair for, yes you’ve guessed it, sails. The original Pocket had coverage of 10.5cm x 5cm, while the Minipocket covers 8.5cm x 5cm. All you’ll need is a suitable piece of sailcloth and you’ll have a temporary sail repair in 20 minutes. The glue can also be used on wood, metal, neoprene and plastic.

Price £3.51 (€4.12)

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Tel +34 93 269 33 48


From Yachting Monthly’s New Gear pages June 2017