French deck hardware maker Wichard has introduced a new addition to its popular Evo block range with the Wichard MXLEvo soft block shackle

Something between a shackle and a block, the Wichard MXLEvo soft block is a lightweight version of the successful MXEvo friction blocks.

They are ideally suited to mast-foot block, 2:1 halyard, barber hauler and snatch-block applications on cruising or racing boats.

The MXLEvo features a low friction bearing surface in forged stainless steel and a Dyneema SK78 loop for closure.

Wichard was quick to see the potential of the stainless-steel bearing surface to create a 2:1 purchase for the line running over it.

By using Dyneema in the soft loop, the design of the MXLEvo takes out unnecessary weight.

Wichard has put a lot of thought into making the soft loop closure mechanism as simple and reliable as possible.

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The loop on the MXLEvo can be positioned in one of two ways, making it easily adaptable to your deck and anchoring point.

And there is a rope housing inside the stainless-steel loop which stops the running line from slipping out when not under load.

Wichard says that the design is best suited to high-load applications where there is relatively slow line movement.

It is available in three sizes for 10mm, 12mm and 16mm line.

The Wichard MXLEvo soft block 10 has a working load of 800kg and a breaking load two-and-a-half times greater. All for a weight of just 40g.

In larger sizes, the MXLEvo 12 has a working load of 1600kg and the MXLEvo 16 runs to 2,500kg. They weigh 90g and 140g respectively.

With no moving parts, the range is maintenance free, unlike a traditional (and heavier) bearing and sheave block.

Pricing is competitive and ranges from €56.57 for the small block to €70.70 for the large one.

Buy the Wichard MXLEvo soft block 10 at Jimmy Green Marine

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