The founder of the Ocean Globe Race, Don McIntyre has announced he has entered his 1978 Nautor Swan 57 ketch into the race and is now looking for crew

Sailors wishing to take part in the 2023 Ocean Globe Race still have a chance to sign up to race around the world.

Race founder, Don McIntyre, who is also behind the Golden Globe Race, has entered his Nautor Swan 57, Explorer in the race. The classic yacht will be skippered by Australian sailor, Mark Sinclair, who recently retired from the 2022 Golden Globe Race.

The Ocean Globe Race is a retro Whitbread Round the World Race, to mark the 50th anniversary of the original 1973 Whitbread.

Teams can race on ocean-going GRP production yachts designed before 1988.

Mark Sinclair on his Lello 34, Coconut

Mark Sinclair will be skippering Explorer in the Ocean Globe Race. Credit: Mark Sinclair/GGR/PPL

Modern equipment, like GPS, electric autopilots, carbon fibre and other high-tech materials and all computers are banned.

Instead, crews will have to navigate using only a sextant, and use non-interfaced basic electronic sailing instruments, stand-alone paper print HF Radio weather fax and basic non-GPS radar Marine HF SSB radio.

There are three classes. The Adventure Class (47ft-56ft) is limited to 12 places, with a minimum crew of seven. Yachts are limited to the Swan 46, 47, 48, 51, 53 and 55.

The inside of a boat

Explorer has had two previous owners. Credit: De Valk Zeeland/OGR

There are eight places in the Sayula Class (56.1ft-66ft), with a minimum of eight crew. Approved yachts are the Swan 57, 59, 61, 65, and 651. The Swan 65 Ketch, Evrika, which was previously owned by Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright, is one of the entries.

The Flyer Class is limited to eight places for yachts previously entered in the 1973, 1977 or 1981 Whitbread, or ‘relevant’ historic significance and ‘approved’ production-built, ocean-certified, sail-training yachts generally 55ft to 68ft LOA.

Entries include Marie Tabarly aboard Pen Duick VI. The Nicholson 55, Baltic 51, Baltic 55, Baltic 64, Oyster 48 and Grand Soleil 52 have also been approved to compete in the Ocean Globe Race.

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Explorer will be raced in the Sayula Class, Don McIntyre will sail on leg three around Cape Horn and is looking for sailors who want to challenge themselves.

Crew can sign on for one of the four legs of the Ocean Globe Race, or the entire circumnavigation. All crew share the costs involved with the entry and will undergo onboard training leading up to the start.

Explorer will undergo a refit ahead of the Ocean Globe Race

Explorer will undergo a refit ahead of the Ocean Globe Race. Credit: De Valk Zeeland/OGR

All are required to undergo survival and medical training as well as complete a comprehensive medical examination.

‘We conceived of both the Golden Globe and Ocean Globe Races to inspire people and it was clear there were a huge number of sailors wanting to be part of history and sail in the Ocean Globe Race. But there are not enough yachts to carry them,’ explained McInyre.

‘For the past year I had been thinking about an Ocean Globe Race entry and just doing the Cape Horn leg. I have to run the event rather than sail all of it. I could not find the right boat, then two weeks ago, I finally did. I bought her three days later and asked Capt. Coconut (Mark Sinclair) if he was up for it? BANG! He was in and we are both very excited,’ he added.

Don McIntyre who is behind the Ocean Globe Race

Don McIntyre will be sailing one leg of the Ocean Globe Race, around Cape Horn Credit: Christophe Favreau/PPL/GGR

The first Whitbread was won by the Swan 65, Sayula.

The Swan 57 was designed by Sparkman & Stephens. Explorer has had just two owners since 1978.

Over the next four months, Explorer will undergo a final refit adding Ocean Globe Race systems and safety gear to prepare her for the rigours of the voyage. Mark Sinclair will then take over to train the team.

Explorer will be sailed in the Ocean Globe Race with a minimum of eight crew

Explorer will be sailed in the Ocean Globe Race with a minimum of eight crew. Credit: De Valk Zeeland/OGR

‘This really is an exciting program for everyone involved. Skippering a Swan 57 in the Southern Ocean is a dream come true and the Ocean Globe Race will provide another incredible opportunity to relive history, and maybe even create some more. We follow the same route as the original Clipper ships and navigate in the same way as those great mariners, using sextant, chronometer, astronomical tables, a pencil and paper charts,’ said Sinclair.

‘We will be back to basics, using the sun, moon, planets and stars, without GPS and modern electronics and only HF radios for communication. Being immersed in the Ocean Globe Race will be a true challenge of seamanship skills for all onboard. We are sure to be tested! I’m looking forward to developing the camaraderie of a tightly knit crew. They will all know a sextant by the end of the voyage! Let’s go!’ he added.

The inside of a Swan 57

All modern electronics will be removed from Explorer before the yacht’s crew starts the Ocean Globe Race. Credit: De Valk Zeeland/OGR

Anyone interested in applying for a position on the Explorer crew should click here.

The 27,000-mile Ocean Globe Race will have four legs, and will start in Europe on 10 September 2023.

The route will take in the Southern Ocean and the three Great Capes, with stopovers in Cape Town, Auckland and Punta Del Este in Uruguay, before finishing back in Europe in April 2024.

Each team must have a Yachtmaster Ocean, a Yachtmaster, one woman and one crew under 24 years of age on each leg.

Bunks on a Swan 57

Explorer is currently based in France. Credit: De Valk Zeeland/OGR

A crew member with 25,000 logged sea miles must always be onboard, and each crew member needs to have a minimum of 1,500 ocean miles or 1,000 ‘recent’ miles on the entered yacht, and have passed an approved medical/survival training course and a comprehensive personal medical examination.

70% of the crew, including the Yachtmaster Ocean and Yachtmaster registered for the start leg must complete an ‘approved’ 1,500-mile non-stop ocean voyage all together in the entered yacht, after March 2023 to qualify.

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