Santa Luzia

In the tropics, it won’t be long until your swinging circle of personal space is encroached upon as others crowd into your secret idyll. Remote and isolated anchorages abound in…


Whilst cruising the Dorset coast Tom Cunliffe was intrigued by the sight of boats anchored behind some rocks so decided to investigate. He wasn’t disappointed by what he found in…


Rush along the coast and you may miss some scarce-visited delights of Cork, including Kitchen Cove in Dunmanus Bay, says Norman Kean

Ionian charter

How do you sell sailing to the uninitiated? Charter somewhere warm, dry, safe and beautiful. Chris Beeson takes a novice crew to the Greek Ionian

Ionian cruising guide

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Desolation Sound sailing charter

Avoid the high season and a sailing charter in Desolation Sound can give you a genuine flavour of wilderness cruising. Chris Beeson explores Big Country

I’ve wanted to cruise the Azores since childhood. Not to make a brief pitstop at Horta or Ponta Delgada on an eastbound transatlantic passage, as thousands of sailors do every…