Golden Globe Race skipper, Istvan Kopar is assisting solo yachtsman Kjell Litwin who is running out of water, and is 3,000 miles from Australia

American/Hungarian Golden Globe Race skipper, Istvan Kopar has been sent to the aid of a solo yachtsman who is running out of water in the Southern Ocean.

Kjell Litwin, who is on a solo, non-stop circumnavigation in his 32ft Vagabond 31 Selene, has only 10 litres of water left onboard. The yacht is some 3,000 miles west of Perth, Australia.

Istvan Kopar waving aboard his yacht during the Golden Globe Race

Istvan Kopar is more than happy to assist Kjell Litwin. Credit: Christophe Favreau/PPL/GGR

The manager of Selene contacted the Golden Globe Race organisers requesting assistance from any of the race fleet.

Kopar, who is sailing his Tradewind 36, Puffin, is just 20 miles to the west of Selene and has been asked to offer help.

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The two solo skippers are currently in radio contact, and are expected to meet up later today.

It is thought Kopar will throw to throw a rope to Litwin with a 20 litre water container attached as Puffin sails past. Kopar, who is sailing in 30-35 knot northwesterly winds and 3-4 metre seas, can use his motor on approach.

Litwin left Falmouth, Cornwall on 13 June 2018.

In a media release, the Golden Globe Rae organisers stressed that Litwin is not in distress, and the move to ask for more water is sensible seamanship.