Who on earth uses wires anymore?


The wireless revolution? Didn’t that happen years ago?

Ask yourself this question in any boatyard or marina over the coming months – and then look around. Chances are you’ll see at least one boatowner with scraped knuckles, severe cramp and a boat resembling a bomb site as he attempts to find out why his instruments are still insisting there’s no wind, despite the dogs blowing off their leads nearby.

Tacktick’s range of instruments are still the only wireless units on the market – and you do have to wonder why no one else has got in on the act yet.

I spent last Thursday on the water, seeing how the instruments work, and how they interface with other electronics. Tacktick’s newest system, the Maxi range, is designed for racing yachts – but there is no reason why a cruising man shouldn’t take advantage of their technology.

Not only are all the units waterproof, but they are solar powered (but still work at night) can be moved wherever you need them, and interface seamlessly with other electronics.

A truly impressive alternative to drilling holes, crimping terminals, pulling down headlinings and checking for breaks and corrosion. It’s a wonder more people aren’t embracing life without wires.