A solution to one of life's little battles


Among the YM crew are a number of parents with children ranging from toddler to teenager. Debate rages about which are the hardest to handle, both at home and on the water.

What’s worse: nappy rash or love bites? Being woken by a baby with colic or a teen who can’t handle his alcopops? A stormbound adolescent can be a miserable shipmate – as can a two-year-old who wants to colour in your charts with his crayons.

We’re always very keen to be sent suggestions (and products) that make life easier for parents.

For example, the waterproof iPod case is a boon allowing teens to get fresh air at sea while satisfying their need for constant media stimulation.

At the other end of the age spectrum are sunsuits that allow little ones to spend all day in the sun and the sea without the need for constant battles to apply suncream.

This young lady is sporting a set from www.muddypuddles.com – a set of which was recently tested the hard way by a three-year-old with a love of the water and a hatred for standing still. They cost £14.50 and will save you that much in suncream within a week.

They kept the YM tester burn-free and bonny and will see much more use on the summer cruise (if this rain ever stops).