Telling tales on the tell-talers


What is a bloggerist? It is some saddo who can’t even think up his own material and rips off other people’s stuff from cyber-space.

And that’s what Tell Tale has been accused of by no less a figure than respected ocean sailor, pilot book author and YM columnist Rod Heikell.

His own sailing blog is called Tell-Tales – you can find it on – as the more discerning among you will know this is the name of YM’s latest blog station, too.

Sorry, Rod, we completely overlooked this and our new ether network name was coined by office staff coincidentally. But cheer – up : our site has not got a hyphen, so the two can live together happily without compromising the other.

By the way Rod’s blog is well worth reading on a regular basis: it covers he and his wife Lu’s Atlantic and Med cruising aboard Skylax, their Warwick Cardinal 46 and what they have done to upgrade the boat.

They are off soon on a new adventure: across the Pacific.