Man's best friend's new best friend


Did you know that one in six dogs suffers travel sickness? And that 47 per cent of dog owners would travel more with their dog if pet sickness wasn’t an issue? Or that 61 per cent of boat and pet owners would be happy for their dog to stand watch (the dogwatch?) if it felt well enough?*

Now you do, and it’s all thanks to a press release received in the YM office from Pfizer, the Viagra people, promoting a new seasickness remedy for dogs. I had no idea there was factual etymology behind the expression ‘sick as a dog’ but clearly there is.

So what are the signs that your pooch is feeling ruff? Stuck in the doghouse? Hot under the collar, maybe? Sweaty paws? The press release informs us that the signs of imminent pedigree chumming are:

? hypersalivation/drooling
? panting/sweating/licking lips
? restless anxious behaviour/trembling
? retching

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*One of these facts is untrue.