A bit more challenging than rowing back to the mooring


If you think rowing your tender back to your mooring is a chore, spare a thought for Roz Savage, who is approximately halfway to Hawaii, the first milestone on her three-leg journey rowing across the world’s largest ocean.

The first stage, from San Francisco to Hawaii spans 2,300 miles. In early 2009, Roz will continue for another 2,600 miles to Tuvalu in the Southwest Pacific, followed by the final leg of her passage to Australia. If successful, she will have rowed 7,200 miles over three years, and will be the first woman in history to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.

No stranger to ocean rowing, she was the only solo woman to compete in the 3,000-mile Atlantic Rowing Race from the Canary Islands to Antigua in 2005.

Next time you’re struggling to row ten feet of unwilling rubber into the wind – let alone sleeping, eating and living in a cabin little bigger than your average bath, watch this video- it might put it in perspective!