Youtube film causing a stir

A film documenting the last hours of a small sailing yacht is causing something of a stir on Youtube. The film, Bonzai … Farewell Old Friend, shows the boat being driven to a breakers yard and then savagely demolished to the sound of occasional laughter. Comments on the film range from, ‘how sad’, to ‘nice movie’. One viewer asks: ‘Why on earth would anyone do that rather than donating it for taxes if you no longer want it and can’t sell?’

Perhaps the most emotional response comes from one Cncgranahan, who writes: ‘I’ve never commented on a youtube video before… but this made me cry. So much care that had gone into the building of that vessel… and so many great memories of sailing enjoyed on it…. what a shame… and the snickering in the background… what is wrong with you people??? Just go sink that boat into the ocean where she belongs. You should be ashamed.’

On a lighter note, Cheers 1454, maintains: ‘that’ll buff right out’. We at Telltales are not so sure. You can make your own mind up.