A backlash against homogenisation


These are days of increasing homogenisation. If a product works it is copied endlessly at minimum cost. Shopping centres, TV programmes, cars and even boats are churned out with little to differentiate one from the other.

The backlash seems to have started however. More and more people want something a little different, something with some character. Supermarkets are stocking ‘ugly’ fruit and veg. Businesses are winning custom by highlighting their individual, non-corporate nature. The average white boat is not at risk – but it is bound to suffer as part of this search for individuality.

If you fancy something altogether different and not in the least average or white, then how about this pocket cruiser, spotted for sale on the hard? Around 20ft LOA but complete with a poop deck and aft cabin scaled down from HMS Victory.

She’s yours for £5,750!