The hardest profession?


The challenge? American adventurer Dr Nick Hall hoped to complete a 161km expedition in 24 hours in his Hobie kayak from Key West to Key Largo in Florida, USA. Despite strong currents, headwinds and winding channels, he completed the trip within the time limit.

His 4.9m kayak has a sailing rig, paddles and an electric outboard engine – forgivable as Hall’s past life came back to haunt him. An alligator wrestler in his youth, Dr Hall suffers from arthritis in his hand, caused by an alligator bite many years ago – severely limiting his paddling time.

The writer Olin Miller famously said that “With the possible exception of wrestling alligators, writing is the hardest way of earning a living.” Hall has been both a ‘gator wrestler and an author – and his next challenge will see him circumnavigate the state of Florida. A natural progression?