Are Britain's yachtsmen scared of a bit of mud?


Are Britain’s yachtsmen scared of a bit of mud?

The East Coast sailors thrive on it of course – but are the rest of us over cautious when it comes to good honest mud? Has the increase in marina berths meant that we’re not only reluctant to anchor but are now fearful of drying out, especially if there’s mud involved.

Of course it’s child’s play if you’re a bilge keeler but there are creeks and estuaries all round the country where deep keeled boats are moored in less than conventional surroundings.

This example caught my eye on a recent visit to Rye. The yacht nestled into the mud looks like a Hillyard. Her long keel has carved out a bespoke mud berth into which she fits like a glove.

Thank goodness that such interesting boats and berths can still be found.