Design your own deck show


We here at Yachting Monthly pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest in salty fashion trends, no matter how highfalutin. And so it is with great pride that we bring you a website that surely is for the sailor with everything.

You know the type: the latest Musto smock; state-of-the-art chart plotter with in-built Twitter feed; polo shirts that match skipper, crew – bimini. Now the outdoors clothing chain Timberland has created a website that allows visitors to, wait for it, design their own deck shoes.

Yes, gone are those embarrassing days when your footwear clashed with the upholstery down below. Forever banished is the howling faux pas that brought light green deckies and bright red storm jib together. Now you can create monogrammed shoes in ‘aluminium’ and ‘cornflower’ for every possible yachting occasion.