How far is too far?

Everyone’s at it. You make a name for yourself producing one thing then use that name to flog a load of other stuff. Marketing folk call it extending the brand.

Tobacco giant Malboro sells clothes. CAT ‘make’ shoes as well as heavy machinery. You can buy perfume from Burberry as well as overcoats.

It’s happening in the marine field too.
BrandWeird Fish, manufacturers of a range of funky fleeces for sailors and cool surf wear are now producing welly boots. But have they got it wrong? These boots don’t feature non-slip razor cut soles suitable for wet decks. Instead they have chunky treads that would be disastrous at sea though are admittedly just right for clambering across foreshores or trudging down muddy lanes to get to the dinghy.
They come in a tasteful shade of brown that will allow you to blend in with the country set but also sport a subtle fish logo to show that you’re a son of the sea. Best of all they’re only £25 but look twice the price.

Another nautical fashion brand that is spreading its wings is Fat Face. Popular with the Salcombe (Seaview, Rock etc) set, the range has also been focused on casual wear with a nautical bent. Fat Face are now hoping to make roads into the sunglasses market and have brought a range of cool shades for summer.

They have polarising lenses and so make for good sailing shades though the thick arms may block your vision at the very moment the boom comes swinging your way. They do boast 100% UV Protection. Bizarrely they also feature ‘Ballistics-Proof Polycarbonate Lenses’. Where on earth are the Fat Face folk expecting us to sail to – Iraq?

And what can we expect next? Will car manufacturers start making boats? Maybe supermarkets’ will produce their own-label cruising yachts? Coming soon: The Tesco ‘Sail the Difference’ 36DS.